News - Swinging Couple Make Headlines From Lifestyle

News - Swinging Couple Make Headlines From Lifestyle

No matter what you are into, be it swinging, hotwifing, cuckolding, hot wheels cars or that obscure sport you played in college that is now featured on ESPN The Ocho, eventually that interest finds itself into the mainstream news media

Which bring us to Cate and Darrell Wander, a swinging couple who describe themselves as "ethically monogamous,   whose international exploits found their way into an article in the New York Post.  Highlights from the article include; 

Jamaica is a favorite spot for swingers.

The Netherlands is the most open-minded place they have been (indeed the couple relocated to Amsterdam).

Cate confesses to being somewhat terrified at first but then later discovered her bi-sexuality and felt much more liberated.

You can read the entire article AT THIS LINK.

You can also hear more from Cate in an interview on the Casual Swinger podcast at THIS LINK.


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Great article. My wife and I are an open couple as well. We both enjoy the hotwife lifestyle but we also enjoy the hothusband lifestyle. We both enjoy going on solo playdates. Our kink is coming home from a playdate and having sex with our spouse while we talk about the sex we had on our playdate. We also enjoy going to swingers clubs and watching each other play. Thanks for sharing.

Dee Leesa

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