The Hotwife Club is looking for Guest Writers!

The Hotwife Club is looking for Guest Writers!

Do you have a story to share, be it fact, fiction or fantasy? You can have your work published here on The Hotwife Club website. Are you an experienced blogger looking for new outlets for your lifestyle writing, or a novice scribe wanting to get some work in front of people and possibly get feedback/ The Hotwife Club will consider just about all sorts of writing that relates to this lifestyle.

Submissions should be 1,000 words or less (yes, you can serialize if you are working on an epic) and while Hotwifing, Cucking lend themselves to graphic details, we will be looking for articles that stimulate the mind first. 

Even something simple like sharing your feelings about being in the lifestyle, or giving your response to the endless queries about "How did you get started in this", we are hoping to pull together a range of articles that are helpful, trashy and sexy.

You will retain all of the rights to your writing and we will discuss compensation for writers on an individual basis. In order to keep the material published here fresh and unique we ask that you send a brief query to our editorial team first before sending finished manuscripts. 

The Hotwife CLub is also a book publishing imprint so if you think you have the next 50 Shades of Grey send us a query about that as well. 

For more information email us at

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Hi, We are a happily married couple who have been swinging for over twenty years and really enjoy the varied lifestyle. Started when my job took us to Africa where we met many other expatriates. Have done threesomes, interracials, and even accidental pimping. All great fun and very rewarding.

Jack Hyder

Good afternoon looking to be a guest writer or be involved if possible thank you


I would love to be considered to be guest writer where can I submit a sample story for your review

Karlas Shadow Warrior

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