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A Picture Perfect Affair - A Hotwife Club Press Nightstand Book - epub edition

A Picture Perfect Affair - A Hotwife Club Press Nightstand Book - epub edition

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"Maybe I didn't care. I did look amazing, at least I felt like I did. I had never felt so desirable before, and the feeling was intoxicating. My husband knew what this shoot was all about and while maybe he didn't know the photographer was a man maybe he did and didn't care..."

This short novella is the first in a series of Nightstand Books by The Hotwife Club press and features a number of AI generated images that help enhance your enjoyment of the story.

The boudoir photography session was a gift to  Amelia from her husband David, something meant to help her feel sexy and step outside of her comfort zone. When she arrived at the studio for her the shoot, she and the photographer, a very good looking man named Rafael, quickly found themselves lost in a passionate moment. Exploring her newfound sexuality what followed next was an intense encounter that left them both breathless and satisfied if not a little bewildered. But when Amelia told her husband about their encounter, would he be understanding? Would she even tell him or was this going to forever remain a secret. Find out in this sensual story of exploration and desire by former sex worker turned author Alexis Shayne.

Short Description

A Hotwife Club Press short novella that tells the story who has an intimate encounter with the photographer hired to photograph her. Illustrated with AI generated images, this is a nice gift book for hotwives and vixens everywhere.

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